• Hutong Babel: Profile of Hutong Pi (一派胡同), a new art space/collective with a mission to preserve and explore hutong culture (Time Out, 2017/05/24)
  • Chinternet art primer: Short intro to Chinese post-internet artists/platforms Lu Yang, Miao Ying, Lin Ke, Wang Changcun, Culture Pavilion (Time Out, 2017/04/27)
  • Sinofutures: The future might be Chinese, but it's not necessarily human. On Lawrence Lek's 'Sinofuturism', China as AI, his Nøtel collaboration w/ Kode9, et al (Time Out, 2017/04/01)
  • Photographer Ren Hang Filled Chinese Culture Void for Urban Youth: On how Ren Hang defied stereotype & defined a generation through his lens (Observer, 2017/03/30)
  • Avant-garde Chinese art in retrospect: Review of a comprehensive and bewildering time capsule of avant-garde Chinese art from the archives of Wen Pulin (Time Out, 2016/12/07)
  • Ai Weiwei: Triple Shot: On Ai Weiwei, "Ai Weiwei", and #Aiweiwei in light of his eponymous, debut China solo show at Tang Contemporary/Galleria Continua (SmartBeijing, 2015/06/10)
  • Time Served: An Interview with Li Yueyang: Profile of former gang leader, ex-convict, and self-taught artist Ah Yang from Dongguan in light of his solo exhibition at Beijing's Arrow Factory (SmartBeijing, 2014/10/15)
  • Infiltration Index: Gulou's Street Writers: An interview with ZATO and EKSAS, two of Beijing's most ubiquitous graffiti bombers (SmartBeijing, 2013/11/14)