• Chinternet art primer: Short intro to Chinese post-internet artists/platforms Lu Yang, Miao Ying, Lin Ke, Wang Changcun, Culture Pavilion (Time Out, 2017/04/27)
  • Sinofutures: The future might be Chinese, but it's not necessarily human. On Lawrence Lek's 'Sinofuturism', China as AI, his Nøtel collaboration w/ Kode9, et al (Time Out, 2017/04/01)
  • Photographer Ren Hang Filled Chinese Culture Void for Urban Youth: On how Ren Hang defied stereotype & defined a generation through his lens (Observer, 2017/03/30)
  • Avant-garde Chinese art in retrospect: Review of a comprehensive and bewildering time capsule of avant-garde Chinese art from the archives of Wen Pulin (Time Out, 2016/12/07)
  • Ai Weiwei: Triple Shot: On Ai Weiwei, "Ai Weiwei", and #Aiweiwei in light of his eponymous, debut China solo show at Tang Contemporary/Galleria Continua (SmartBeijing, 2015/06/10)
  • Time Served: An Interview with Li Yueyang: Profile of former gang leader, ex-convict, and self-taught artist Ah Yang from Dongguan in light of his solo exhibition at Beijing's Arrow Factory (SmartBeijing, 2014/10/15)
  • Infiltration Index: Gulou's Street Writers: An interview with ZATO and EKSAS, two of Beijing's most ubiquitous graffiti bombers (SmartBeijing, 2013/11/14)
  • Shanghai’s Electronic Music Vanguard: Short intro to some key underground Shanghai producers (Douban Music/Time Out, 2017/05/18)
  • Best China Releases of 2017 So Far: Preview of three forthcoming albums already on my year-end list (Douban Music, 2017/05/14)
  • Bottled Pop: The Slick Fizz of PC Music: Short primer on London label PC Music and their (tangential) connections to China (Douban Music, 2017/04/17)
  • The Sound of Sinofuturism: On Sinofuturism in music, with examples by Jason Hou (Do Hits), Duck Fight Goose, and Kode9/Lawrence Lek (Douban Music, 2017/04/11)
  • Sounding the Old Town: Some sounds percolating in & around Dali, including a new album by Li Daiguo & Huanqing, a young Yi musician (Li Deng) learning the old ways, a beat producer (Zhang Jinbgo aka BeatStay) sampling Bai tunes, and field recording work by Kink Gong and Joshua Dyer (Sixth Tone, 2017/04/07)
  • Beijing’s Do Hits Label is Forging China’s New Club Sound: Depth profile of electronic music label Do Hits, with insights from label members Howie Lee, Guzz, Jason Hou, Veeeky, Cain, and Bohan Phoenix (Bandcamp Daily, 2017/03/29)
  • Producer Kartik Pillai On How The Caste System Affects Indian Music: Conversation with the producer and multi-instrumentalist on the Delhi sound, his solo project Jamblu, and his bands Begum and Peter Cat Recording Co. (Bandcamp Daily, 2017/03/16)
  • 9 Labels that Define the Underground Club Sound in China: An overview of the labels, collectives and crews cutting a new space for underground electronic music in mainland China over the last few years (Electronic Beats, 2017/03/01)
  • South Africa’s ‘Gqom’ Club Sound is Hard to Describe, Easy to Feel: Profile of gqom, a form of "apocalyptic riot music" (and club tunes) from South Africa, including quotes from Durban producer DJ Lag and Gqom Oh! label founder Nan Kolè (Bandcamp Daily, 2017/02/02)
  • The Underground Sound Rising Up From China’s Cities: Tracing how Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian have shaped recent albums from rock bands Chui Wan, Duck Fight Goose, and DOC (Sixth Tone, 2016/09/07)
  • Pipa Dreams: Profile of China-based multi-instrumentalist Li Daiguo and his 2016 solo pipa album Li Shurui (The Wire #390, Aug 2016)
  • Beijing Sound As Art: Exploring several projects from 2003-2016 that treat the sound of Beijing as a medium in itself, including works by Christiaan Virant (FM3), Clive Bell, and Jason Kahn (Time Out, 2016/04/07)
  • Sinogrime Primer: Parsing a non-genre that nevertheless signifies some sociocultural baggage present in the current alt-club zeitgeist (Time Out, 2016/03/03)
  • 10 Chinese Cassette Labels Leading a Tape Resurgence: Annotated list of ten cassette labels formed in China from 2010 to today (Electronic Beats, 2016/02/08)
  • Chinese Music and The World: A profile of Beijing-based label D-Force Records and where they fit within the Chinese indie music world (SmartBeijing, 2015/09/25)
  • Notes from the Underpass: Going rogue with Beijing's young crop of itinerant experimental musicians at a public underpass near Sanyuanqiao (SmartBeijing, 2015/09/21)
  • Mixed Signals: DJ HVAD vs. Beijing: A recap of Danish-Indian producer DJ HVAD (aka Hari Kishore)'s tumultuous two-day mini-tour of Beijing (LEAP, 2015/04/08)
  • Open Matrix: Zoomin' Night at Five Years: A profile of the long-running experimental music weekly Zoomin' Night and its founder, Zhu Wenbo (LEAP, 2014/10/28)
  • Torturing Nurse: Shanghai’s audience abusing noise unit inflict their agony on the UK (The Wire #365, July 2014)
  • Global Ear: Delhi: Entering the city's electronica underground (The Wire #363, May 2014)
  • Chinoise: A short (and dated) primer on harsh noise/power electronics in China (SmartBeijing, 2014/01/13)
  • No Beijing: Tracing the early days of now seminal Beijing bands Carsick Cars, Snapline, The Gar, and White (SmartBeijing, 2013/02/25)
  • 100 Flowers: Yan Jun: Depth profile of the Subjam label founder, poet and sound artist (Tiny Mix Tapes, 2012/08/16)
  • The genesis of underground Chinese music, 1986-1999: A history of Chinese underground music/rock'n'roll from Cui Jian to the end of the 20th century (Tiny Mix Tapes, 2012/03/09)
  • Global Ear: Beijing: Fishing for noise at Beijing alternative music venue Raying Temple (The Wire #329, July 2011)
  • A Spectacular Exit: A critical recap of Yan Jun's year-long experimental music performance series at Beijing's UCCA museum (LEAP, 2011/02/20)